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Probably the best plaster Saint-Gobain Formula make!  Enhanced by a powdered resin polymer content, it makes an excellent hard casting material. Because of the polymer content, a new unique dimension in toughness is introduced into casts made from this plaster.  Normally plaster casts tend to be brittle but as Jesmonite has proved to be, the addition of a waster based polymer, powder or liquid makes a world of difference, opening up a wide range of applications not normally suited to standard plasters. Another big advantage is that is a slightly thicker mix is made using less water; the Lamina has excellent thixotropic properties and becomes easily built up by hand.


Plaster/Water Ratio: 100/35

Working Time: 25 Minutes

Demould Time: 30 Minutes

Expansion: 0.38%

Compressive Strength: 57 Mpa

Shelf Life: 9 Months



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