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Agricultural Gypsum (Calcium sulphate dihydrate) is a CE fertiliser-grade gypsum obtained from naturally occurring mineral.  It is used in a variety of agricultural applications including as a carrier for horticultural dressings, as a mushroom composting ingredient, as a soil improver and in land reclamation after salt water flooding.  Agricultural Gypsum (Calcium sulphate dihydrate) is also very good at breaking down heavy clay soils.


Agricultural Gypsum (Calcium sulphate dihydrate) is a natural soil conditioner that will enhance growth of plants and grasses.  As it is water soluble it will simply wash away leaving the goodness in the soil.  It is simple and safe to use, simply spread by hand or machine on plants, lawns, etc.


Application Guide for Clay Soils: For heavy clay soils, an application rate of approximately 500gm per square metre is required which can be applied by hand or by lime spreader. For best results, the gypsum should be intimately mixed with the top 5 cm of soil, which should give an improved soil structure helping aeration and drainage and also improving plant growth.


Stocked as a standard 25kg paper bag - available in bulk bag sizes to order.


24 Month shelf life.


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