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Smartsil is our budget silicone developed to give the maximum economy, while still providing good quality reproduction and low shrinkage. Particularly suited to plaster casting. Smartsil thickens well for brush-on applications, using Silastic Thixo Additive.


You will need to buy Silicone Catalyst separately, which is available in Fast, Very Fast and Slow setting speeds. Fast is recommended as standard. These catalyst normally pigmented red to assist in mixing, however the Fast is available clear.


Smartsil has a Shore A of 20. However with different Smartsil Catalyst you can also have a harder Smartsil Hard with a Shore A of 23 and softer Smartsil Soft with a Shore A of 15.


20kg Base requires 2kg Silicone Catalyst

5kg Base requires 500g Silicone Catalyst

1kg Base requires 100g Silicone Catalyst



Silicone Catalyst

Gel Time (working time)

De-Mold Time

Mixing Ratio


40 minutes

10 hours

100:10 Base:Catalyst

Very Fast

15 minutes

3 hours

100:10 Base:Catalyst


120 minutes

24 hours

100:10 Base:Catalyst


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