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  • There is currently a supply issue with some silicones, however we do have alternatives - please call us 01380 850616.

  • SMART15
  • This item is currently out of stock

  • This item is currently out of stock

Smartsil is our budget silicone developed to give the maximum economy, while still providing good quality reproduction and low shrinkage. Particularly suited to plaster casting. Smartsil thickens well for brush-on applications, using Silastic Thixo Additive.


Smartsil Soft is softer and more flexible than the standard Smartsil and being softer is obviously better for moulds with heavy undercuts making demoulding easier.


Smartsil Soft Silicone Catalyst is a red pigmented catalyst that is added at 25% to the base silicone.


5kg Smartsil Soft kit comes with 1kg Smartsil Soft Silicone Catalyst

20kg Smartsil Base requires 5kg Smartsil Soft Silicone Catalyst (need to be ordered separately)


Mix Ratio: 100:25

Working Time: 90 minutes

Curing Time: 20 hours

Hardness (Shore A): 15

Tear Strength, kN/m: 20

Tensile Strength (MPa): 2.9



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