Silastic M Kit - Industrial Plasters
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  • Silastic M Kit (Base & Curing Agent)

  • Dow Corning Silastic® M Silicone Kit

  • SIL34851

Silastic M Silicone Rubber is suited for the reproduction of prototyping, architectural and furniture components, especially for use with polyurethanes and other casting resins. It can also be used in high temperature applications. Silastic M is supplied with Silastic M Curing Agent.


Use at high temperatures:

Moulds produced from Silastic M have a long life at elevated temperatures. However, continuous use above 200°C will result in loss of elasticity over a period of time. Use above 250°C is not recommended. When heated, a mould made of Silastic M will expand producing a small change in copy dimensions.


Resistance to casting materials: The chemical resistance of fully cured Silastic M is excellent, and similar to all addition-cure silicone elastomers. It should be noted however that ultimately, resins and other aggressive casting materials will attack silicone moulds, changing physical properties, surface release and possibly mould dimensions. Moulds should be checked periodically during long production runs.



·         Outstanding release properties

·         If required the product cure can be heat accelerated

·         High hardness

·         Medium tear resistance

·         Very low shrinkage and good dimensional stability

·         Can be used for high temperature casting applications

·         High inhibition resistance




Mix Ratio: 100:10

Working Time: 60 minutes

Curing Time: 4-5 hours

Hardness (Shore A): 59

Tensile Strength (MPa): 4.5

Tear strength kN/m: 16

Linear shrinkage %:  <0.1

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