Silastic 3120 c/w 81-F Cure - Industrial Plasters
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  • Silastic 3120 c/w 81-F Cure

  • Dow Corning Silastic® 3120 Silicone Kit

  • SIL31201
  • This item is currently out of stock

  • This item is currently out of stock

Silastic 3120 is Condensation Cure RTV pourable Silicone. Specially formulated for use with low heat metals and other heat setting materials, where the model is of simple section with no undercuts. Silastic 3120 is stable up to 250°C.


Silastic 3120 is supplied with Silastic 81-F Curing Agent.




• Recommended for simple patterns with no undercuts.

• Can be used where vacuum de-airing isn’t always required.

• Can be used in electronic potting and encapsulating applications.




• Is easily mixed and poured

• Cures at room temperature in any thickness

• Gives accurate reproduction of masters for mould making

• Provides a wide service temperature range.

• Two-part RTV silicone rubbers

• Low mixed viscosity

• Adjustable cure times




• Easy to use

• Reproduce intricate details

• Works in a wide range of service temperatures




Mix Ratio: 100:5

Working Time: 30 minutes

Curing Time: 5 hours

Hardness (Shore A): 60

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