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  • RTV Silicone Base

  • Cold-pour silicone for cost-effective mouldmaking

  • SIL0001
  • This item is currently out of stock

  • This item is currently out of stock

RTV (room temperature vulcanizing) Silicone is a tin/condensation cure 20 Shore A silicone with excellent tear-strength and flexibility.  Available with 3 different Catalyst speeds, it also works well with Silastic Thixo Additive for paste-on applications. 


It's cost-effectiveness makes it ideal for your single-use and/or short-term silicone mouldmaking projects.


Requires RTV Silicone Catalyst in Slow, Fast, or Very Fast @ 3% by weight.


Typical coverage/yield for 1kg is 815 cm3, or 645cm2 at 12mm thick.

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