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  • Durasil Z40

  • Fast-setting, 1:1 mix paste-on silicone

  • Z40SIL

Durasil Z40 is an easy and safe to use 2-part Silicone Putty ideal for butter-on and in-situ mouldings. Easy 1:1 mix ratio and quick 1 hour demould means you can take in–situ squeeze moulds with minimum disruption. Best applied with a standard laminating/paint brush.


Also excellent for facial/body life casting when used with a release cream. 


- High chemical resistance to the aggressive components of some types of resin;

- Extremely high tear strength (this feature guarantees high resistance to wear and tear);

- High accuracy in reproducing very small details;

- High dimensional stability;

- Remarkable resistance to high temperatures and aging;

- Excellent anti-stick effect.


Colour: Pink

Mix Ratio: 100:100

Working Time: 14-17 minutes

Setting Time: 60 minutes

Hardness: 22 Shore A


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