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  • There is currently a supply issue with some silicones, however we do have alternatives - please call us 01380 850616.

  • SIL34815

Our best quality silicone.  Its toughness and flexibility together with the choice of curing agent speeds add up to make this Dow Corning silicone a leader in its field.  Highly recommended when casting with resins.


Requires Curing Agent:  1kg Base requires 50g, 5kg base 250g and 20kg base 1kg.


Silastic 81-F (Fast) - this is the most common.

Gel Time: 30 minute

De-Mold Time: 5 hours


Silastic 81-R (Resin-resistant) - this is more resistant to polyester resin, so increases the mould–life.

Gel Time: 90 minute

De-Mold Time: 24 hours


Silastic 81-VF (Very Fast) - this really is Very Fast!  So only use for specific applications.

Gel Time: 10 minute

De-Mold Time: 1½ hours

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