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  • General Purpose Resin is a pre-accelerated, thixotropic, orthophthalic resin suitable for many applications

  • GEN11220
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This General Purpose Resin is a polyester pre-accelerated resin for casting and lamination applications.


It can be used for laminating with Fibreglass Mat and also for casting when used with a flller powder. Talc Filler is a good general purpose filler, you can also use Metal Powders, Stone Dusts, etc to produce your own metal and stone finishes.


Requires MEKP Resin Catalyst which should be added at 2% (2:100 Catalyst:Resin) - this needs to be measured fairly accurately so we recommended you purchase a Measuring Syringe for small amounts or a Catalyst Dispenser for larger amounts. These are both available from us.


The setting time will vary depending on the tempurature you are working in, the warmer it is the quicker it will set. It should not be used in low tempuratures as this will inhibit the set. 


Gel Time (at 23°C): 14-18 minutes

Setting Time: 27-37 minutes


1kg Resin requires 20g MEKP Resin Catalyst

5kg Resin requires 100g MEKP Resin Catalyst

25kg Resin requires 500g MEKP Resin Catalyst

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