Unifilo U816 CFM Fibreglass Mat (225g) - Industrial Plasters
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  • Unifilo U816 CFM Fibreglass Mat (225g)

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  • UNIFILO816

Unifilo is a continuous filament mat (CFM) widely used for reinforcement in plaster for GRG work. It produces much stronger results than traditional chopped strand mat when used with plaster as the strands are much longer (continuous!!) with improved fire resistance and mechanical properties. The material is easy to use and wet-out like normal fibreglass.


Unifilo U816 is 225gsm and come in roles 138cm wide and approximately 260mtr long, the roles vary in size of around 60-70kg.


Unifilo consists of randomly oriented strands in multiple layers held together with a binder, this glassfibre combines the mechanical properties of traditional E-glass with the acid corrosion resistance of E-CR glass. U816 can also be used for  parts moulded by RTM, L-RTM, infusion or wet compression with UP, VE, EP and PU resins.

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