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  • Locator forming items for Plas-Ti-Shim

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Mould Buddies help with the perfect positioning of a silicone skin mould into the rigid fibreglass support jacket and also to support the skin mould to stop if sagging down.


Mould Buddies are used as formers for location points when making a silicone mould. You embed the Mould Buddie into your silicone skin mould during the silicone mould making process, then remove the Mould Buddie before making the support jacket. The hole it leaves in the silicone skin is then filled with resin and becomes part of the fibreglass support jacket. When the mould is in use in production, the silicone skin mould will locate precisely back into the correct position using the location points on both the silicone skin and fibreglass jacket.


Sold individually.

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