Jesmonite AC730 Flex Metal Gel Coat Kit - Industrial Plasters Ltd.
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  • Jesmonite AC730 Flex Metal Gel Coat Kit, containing the Base and Liquid parts

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Jesmonite® AC730 Flex Metal Gel Coats are formulated to be used with AC730 Flex Liquids to produce metal finishes which are both decorative and durable. They are available in four finishes: Bronze, Copper, Brass, and Silver Bronze. They are used in combination with AC730 powders as a backing material, with either Flex or Standard liquids dependent upon the type of object being manufactured.




It is essential to use both accurate scales and a Jesmonite High Shear mixing blade to ensure that the compound performs within its specification. Failure to follow these instructions can lead to strength loss, shrinkage, and reduced durability. Workshop conditions should be warm, dry, and out of direct sunlight. Environments where solvent-based compounds are in regular use should be avoided. Mixing containers should be clean and dry, and of a suitable size. Flex Metal Gel Coats will work best using Silicon Rubber moulds, however it is also possible to use Polyurethane moulding compounds with an appropriate spray release wax. Rigid GRP, Wooden, Plaster moulds are best avoided.


Mix Ratios


Weigh the liquids and powders into separate clean containers at the following ratio:


AC730 Liquids                                    1 part by weight

AC730 Bronze Base                           5.5 parts by weight


AC730 Liquids                                    1 part by weight

AC730 Brass Base                             5.5 parts by weight


AC730 Liquids                                    1 part by weight

AC730 Copper Base                          5.5 parts by weight


AC730 Liquids                                    1 part by weight

AC730 Silver Bronze Base                 5.5 parts by weight


In general, the mixture can be adjusted to suit the application or the needs of the end user. Adding a little liquid or powder to make fine adjustments is very useful – do small batch trials first to assess the materials suitability to a particular mould or application. The mix should be thick, but easy to apply by brush at 1mm – 2mm thickness.


This gives you a working time of about 20 minutes and a demould time of about 9 hours. After demoulding you should not attempt to polish the cast for at least 48 hours. Flex Metal Kits have a 6 month shelf life. 

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