G400E Perlite MicroSphere Filler - Industrial Plasters
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  • G400E Perlite MicroSphere Filler

  • Lightweight plaster/resin filler

  • G4008K
  • This item is currently out of stock

  • This item is currently out of stock

G400 Filler is a fine, white, very lightweight filler made of ceramic microspheres.  It is ideal for producing lightweight resin casts, the resin dramatically increases in volume when mixed with G400 and thus reduces the weight and heat generated in large resin castings.


G400 Filler is made up of perlite microspheres which are a natural expanded perlite mineral composed of fine hollow particles.


Can also be used as a lightweight filler for plasters, tile/floor adhesives, technical mortars, elastomers and in readymix plasters and paints.  As an example, when used 1:1 by volume with Fine Casting Plaster, the final weight is reduced by approx. 50%, compared to unfilled material.


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