Calmote AD Whiting (Calcium Carbonate) - Industrial Plasters
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  • Calmote AD Whiting (Calcium Carbonate)

  • High purity fine-ground calcium carbonate

  • CAL13825
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Calmote AD Whiting Powder is a natural chemical Calcium Carbonate, CaCO3. Calcium Carbonate has many uses;


Resin Filler

Calmote AD is an ideal filler for polyester resin, fairly light weight and fine, it is easy to mix into the resin.


Gesso & Gilding

Calcium Carbonate is a traditional ingredient used to make gesso and traditional paints such as distemper. It is often used as a substitute to pounce powder. Also used when gilding picture frames and mouldings.

You can make your own gesso by blending the following: 25% Calcium Carbonate, 25% Rabbit Skin Glue and 50% water.


Animal Feed

Ground calcium carbonate is your ideal calcium choice for your next animal feed or nutrition supplement formulation to achieve optimal health for reptile shells, egg-shells, farm animals and household pets. Our calcium carbonate is produced from a speciality, high purity source to ensure you receive the maximum calcium content.


Plant Growth

Calcium is an important nutrient that strengthens a plant’s cellular walls and is vital in new cell development. A calcium deficiency can lead to common fruit diseases such as blossom-end rot, which is prevalent in tomatoes and peppers. It is usually added in winter for annual crops, such as vegetables, just prior to digging, as the calcium carbonate can take effect over the winter months and will not damage young growth.

One role of calcium carbonate known to many professionals, but that is not necessarily common knowledge to the average home gardener, is its ability to mitigate heavy metals in the soil.

Calcium Carbonate, in its powdered form, is much faster acting than granulated garden lime, but a little more care must be taken when applying to make sure you get an even coverage.


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