WED Clay (EM217) - Industrial Plasters
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  • WED Clay (EM217)

  • Very slow drying, ultra-smooth grey clay, also known as EM217

  • WED06990
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WED Clay has been specifically formulated to be a smooth and slow-drying clay which remains malleable for longer than normal "wet clays" without losing its excellent working qualities. Often used in design studios and the film, prop making and modelmaking industries.


Not designed to be fired.




Clay is a naturally occurring material that is dug from the earth. As such, it has organics that are laid down geologically with it. These organics, primarily plant material, when combined with water can and do mold. This is how all clay reacts and has been doing so for as long as humans have been using clay - some 10,000 years.

Depending on the amount of organics contained in the clay and the time and temperature that clay is stored at, this process of molding can start immediately or be a delayed reaction.

In the world of Ceramics, it is actually considered a good thing that the clay molds, as this imparts plasticity to the clay making it a better material to work with. In Asia it is said that, “the grandfather prepares the clay for the grandson”.  This is so the clay has time to mold and age properly.


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