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Fine Casting Plus is a formulated hemihydrate plaster (CaSO4.1/2H2O) produced from naturally occurring high-purity gypsum mineral.  Off-white in colour, Fine Casting Plus plaster is used for the production of decorative fibrous plasterwork, in film-set construction and in general casting applications.


Its working properties are perfectly suited for fibrous plasterwork production.  It has:

  • Excellent batch to batch consistency
  • Increased strength and surface hardness compared to Fine Casting Plaster
  • Good reproduction of fine detail
  • Shelf life of 9 months (From manufacture date printed on each bag)


Plaster/Water Ratio: 100/70

Working Time: 20 Minutes

Demould Time: 25 Minutes

Expansion: 0.2%

Compressive Strength: 16 Mpa

Shelf Life: 9 Months


Prices for Fine Casting Plus plaster are shown above, however it it's a plaster you buy frequently and would like a better price, please contact us, special prices are available!

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