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  • Plaster setting time accelerator granules

  • PLA59001

Plaster Accelerator can be added to any casting plasters to speed up the set time.


For the majority of users casting plasters set fast enough, there are however many situations where it is not fast enough – like high speed production line castings, slush moulding applications and very small minute-piece castings.


Plaster Accelerator is a granular chemical to be mixed with the gauging water before adding to plaster powder.  Because of the vast variation in setting times of our plasters it is difficult to make a firm recommendation for dosage, however it is a very strong acting material so must be used sparingly.  We strongly recommend a small test being carried out to ascertain and calculate the most appropriate addition.


Please note; this Plaster Accelerator is designed for use with Casting Plasters, such as Fine Casting Plaster and Prestia Casting Plaster. We have not tested it with building or wall plasters.


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