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Jesmonite AC100 is a water-based, two-component, acrylic polymer/mineral resin system. The system is suitable for a wide range of casting and laminating applications where the end user wants to reduce the many risks associated with conventional solvent based systems. A range of ancillary products including decorative and functional fillers, control chemicals, pigments and glass reinforcements are also provided making the material extremely versatile. The material is suitable for internal and external use, however if used externally a sealer or suitable paint system is recommended to protect surface appearance.


Jesmonite AC100 liquid is used with the Jesmonite Base, so you'll need to order this separately. The standard mix ratio is 2.5:1 Base to Liquid.


The finished colour is basically white, but with a peachy/pink tone. If you want a pure white cast, you need to add the Jesmonite White Pigment. Pigment should be added at a maximum of 2%.




Mix Ratio 2.5:1 Base to Liquid by weight

Wet Density 1845 kg/m3

Dry Density 1745 kg/m3

Initial set 15 – 20 minutes (18°C, No Retarder)

Demould 2 hours (fully set 24 hours)

Expansion on set 0.15%


Other Properties


Compressive Strength 25 – 30 MPa

Tensile Strength (UTS) 25 – 35 Mpa

Bending Elastic Limit (LOP) 15 – 20 Mpa

Bending Strength (MOR) 50 – 65 Mpa

Youngs Modulus 5 – 6 Mpa

Impact Strength (Charpy) 30 KJ/m²

Moisture Movement <1%

Fire resistance B.S.476 Part 6&7 – Class ‘O’

Freeze/Thaw resistance Excellent -Test specimens undamaged

Wet/Dry 50 Cycles Test specimens undamaged


Application Areas


Cast and laminated decorative mouldings, and with the inclusion of suitable glass reinforcements can be utilised for lightweight, high-impact panels. Jesmonite provides a fire resistant coating for many expanded foams for theme park and theatre props.


Key Attributes


Solvent free – No VOC’s

Good abrasion resistance and impact strength

High Compressive and tensile strength

Rapid curing and high early strength gain


The Starter Kit is perfect for a beginner or those keen to explore Jesmonite further, you will find everything you need to make four coasters, including pigments, re-usable silicone moulds, and step-by-step instructions guiding you through each stage. Our eco-friendly starter kits can be used with any silicone mould so the possibilities are endless – turn your imagination into reality! In each pack, you will get: Jesmonite AC100 Liquid 250g, Jesmonite Base 850g, 3 pigments; Bright Yellow, Bright Red & Blue, Stirring sticks, 2 re-usable coaster moulds, Nitrile gloves & Instructions. 



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