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About Industrial Plasters Ltd

Established in 1976, Industrial Plasters Ltd is a dedicated and experienced supplier of British Gypsum/BPB/Saint-Gobain Formula and Siniat Prestia casting and fibrous plasters (commonly known as Plaster of Paris), and other related moulding and casting materials.  We believe in friendly, rock-steady customer service and throughout our extensive experience have built up our reputation for, and motto of:

Proven Reliability!

It means that as a fibrous plasterer's best supplier we focus on what is needed most – fibrous casting plasters supplied with honest, on time, quality service, proven and reliable.  We stock goods of the highest  quality, and aim to provide a service that gives you complete peace of mind, so you in turn can focus on producing the best products for your customers.  As part of our outstanding customer service we are constantly looking ahead for further solutions to your needs, an outlook that led to the introduction of GypsumGo (our waste gypsum/plaster disposal service) and other innovations.