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  • Plas-Ti-Shim - Makes mouldmaking seams much easier!

  • SHI00010
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The Plas-Ti-Shim system is an ingenious system for simplifying the multi-piece mouldmaking process.  Place Plas-Ti-Shims along the seam line of the original, then silicone can be applied over the whole of the original in 1 process.  Insert Mould Buddies to create locator points for the fibreglass jacket.  The Plas-Ti-Shim bubbles create almost endless locator points for the silicone mould.

The end result is a near-perfect seamline on your mould.

Shim TypeStrip Size (mm)Bubble Size (mm)
Plain500 x 80n/a
Small500 x 8010
Medium500 x 8018
Large500 x 8023


The photo shows full strips of Shim

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