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  • Quality BZP Drywall Screws for fixing cornice, dado, panels etc.

  • SCR75X4.2
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Quality BZP Drywall Screws for fixing cornice, dado, panels etc.


These bugle head screws are a form of self-drilling screw that's ideally designed for drywall applications, however they also offer the versatility for use in numerous construction fastening tasks and a host of other applications.


These screws feature a countersunk head with a flat top and a concave under-head bearing surface. This unique design enables the distribution of the bearing stress over a much wider area than is possible with a flat head screw.


As with other types of self-drilling screws, bugle screws are easy to use. They eliminate the need to drill additional pilot holes, which saves time and effort. Another key bugle head screw benefit is that they can sufficiently depress the surface of wood material without breaking it, which minimizes the risk of damage to the finished product.


Please note the box quantities are as follows;

Product CodeDescriptionPrice / BoxPrice / 1000
SCR25X3.5BZP Drywall Screws - 25mm x 3.5mm Box1000£4.09£4.09
SCR32X3.5BZP Drywall Screws - 32mm x 3.5mm Box1000£5.43£5.43
SCR38X3.5BZP Drywall Screws - 38mm x 3.5mm Box1000£6.19£6.19
SCR42X3.5BZP Drywall Screws - 42mm x 3.5mm Box1000£6.64£6.64
SCR50X3.5BZP Drywall Screws - 50mm x 3.5mm Box1000£6.09£6.09
SCR60X4.2BZP Drywall Screws - 60mm x 4.2mm Box500£4.39£8.78
SCR65X4.2BZP Drywall Screws - 65mm x 4.2mm Box500£5.06£10.12
SCR75X4.2BZP Drywall Screws - 75mm x 4.2mm Box500£7.64£15.28
SCR100X4.2BZP Drywall Screws - 100mm x 4.2mm Box500£10.61£21.22


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