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Steel Wool is a versatile product for sanding, polishing and cleaning various surfaces including resin casts (it's ideal for buffing up bronze resins), plaster and stone.


These are all fine grades; Grade 0 being a coarser grade, 0000 the finest.


TROLLULL Premium Quality Steel Wool is produced in a special procedure with a water-based emulsion. The steel wool is highly-elastic and has extremely sharp metal strings with an unequalled effect on surfaces. Unlike "dry" steel wool or steel wool produced using oil, TROLLULL Premium Quality Steel Wool is less susceptible to dust and rust and guarantees more flexibility and more effectiveness.


The guarantee for perfect surfaces

Cleaning in general…

• For no-scratch removal of paint and plaster splattered on surfaces.

• For cleaning stone from wax remnants.

• For removing dirt and paint from original plasterwork, sculptures, etc.


• For sanding surfaces after priming.

• For fine sanding before applying paint or varnish.

• For polishing waxed or oiled surfaces.


• For removing paint stripper, also in recesses.

• For removing wax, paint and dirt.

• For no-scratch removal of splattered paint.


• For polishing unpainted metal surfaces made of aluminium, brass, copper, stainless steel, chrome.    

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