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RHS NewWhat is GypsumGo?

GypsumGo is the easy-to-use waste plaster (or gypsum) and dental study model disposal service from Industrial Plasters Ltd.  Our outstanding service and focus on providing solutions for our customers has shown us the need for an effective gypsum disposal service, as increased legislation on plaster/gypsum waste comes into force.

GypsumGo provides a way of disposing of your waste plaster & study models that is clear, easy, clean & legal.

Why do I need it?

The Environment Agency say that disposing of gypsum into landfill with other biodegradable waste can produce odorous and toxic hydrogen sulphide gas, and have prohibited it in England & Wales since 2005.  View their Position Statement here (opens in new tab):


How does it work?

GypsumGo is supplied in the form of a Unit of Service – a sturdy 25ltr plastic tub, with a liner and lid.

We have designed the system to be as easy and hassle-free as possible, and it’s as simple as shown in the diagram:






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